Council Rangers - what we do

Council Rangers - what we do

The duties of council rangers can vary from council to council. In addition, the officers may have different position titles compared to a neighbouring council even if they are performing similar duties.

The following list provides a general guide on the duties of rangers:


  • To deliver quality service in the areas of public order and safety
  • To enforce relevant acts, regulations and local laws
  • Investigate complaints and issue infringements or cautions
  • Patrol streets and parking areas
  • Issue notices to people in violation of the environmental protection regulations
  • Catch stray and unregistered dogs
  • Attend court to give evidence in support of any prosecutions
  • Provide advice to the community

In regional areas, generalist rangers may have a broad spread of duties such as: parking patrol; animal control; illegal waste dumping; general environmental protection and; public safety and order.  In rural areas rangers may also have other responsibilities such as dealing with the movement of stock such as sheep or cattle.