Disabled Community

Disabled Community

Disabled Community

Statistical Information

There are very few statistics available for people with a disability in Richmond Valley Council and much of what exists is based on estimates.  There is a degree of disadvantage relating to sickness and disability in Richmond Valley Council. It is estimated that there are approximately 3,000 people with a disability in Richmond Valley LGA.  Approximately 1,100 of these would have profound or severe disabilities. It is estimated that 119 migrants would have a disability in the Richmond Valley Council area.

Community Comments

During consultation in the process of formulating social plans for Richmond Valley Council in 2006, a lot of people were particularly interested in the use of scooters by people with a disability and were concerned that this use is inappropriate for a number of reasons.  Many comments had also been made about how Council infrastructure (such as footpaths and swimming pools) make it difficult for people with a disability.  In addition to this a number of people had requested more parking be made available to people with a disability.

Community members expressed concern regarding an increase in the number of children with behavioural and learning problems and the difficulty of getting information about services for people with a disability.  Concern was also expressed about the cuts in funding which have resulted in a restructure of some of the programs offered by the Department of Health and Ageing.  Many aged people in the community are particularly concerned about issues to do with disabilities.



A number of strategies have been recommended for people with a disability including:
  • Redeveloping and implementing the Disability Action Plan for Council
  • Provision of a bus with wheelchair accessibility
  • Develop a report on predicted mobility issues in Evans Head in the near future
  • Upgrade Council Halls and toilets to make them more accessible to people with a disability
  • Review the needs for pool services for people with a disability
For more information, visit the Disability Access Committee and Working Party page.


Services in the area include specific ones for people with a disability (to assist in respite or employment of people with a disability).  Richmond Valley Council is one of the few areas with flexible HACC services.  There are also good working relationships between Aged and Disability services providers in the area which allows them to find flexible ways to meet the needs of their client groups.