Disability Access Committee and Working Party

Terms of Reference

Definition of Access & Disability

Persons with a disability are persons who have a physical or intellectual condition that temporarily or permanently decreases their ability to engage in some aspects of society. Disability is more completely defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. The term disability hides the fact that people with a disability are very able in many parts of their life.

Access is the provision of urban and built form fabric that does not discriminate against: People who are frail aged, People with disabilities, Mothers with small children, People with temporary incapacity.

Issues to be addressed by the committee include

  • To identify and advise Council on matters relating to improving access to both public and private buildings for people with disabilities and the general community. 
  • To identify the major needs of the different disability, aged and other groups in the Local Government Area and to make recommendations to Council to resolve the local access problems in priority order. 
  • To develop a policy on access which can be used in conjunction with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, the Building Code of Australia and AS 1428 (Australian Standards) in the consideration of applications for building or development, and generally in the preparation of Council’s own plans for recreation facilities, footpaths, buildings, etc. 
  • To increase public awareness of access barriers and the extent to which they disadvantage people with disabilities, the aged, parents with young children, etc.
  • To develop and update mobility maps

Relevant Plans

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) Recommends to Council’s that they have an active Disability Action Plan to give them some protection in the case of claims against Council under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Council has a very out of date version of this plan and it needs updating.

Relevant Council Policies

Other policies that relate to this advisory committee include:

Relevant Interagencies

Meeting Dates

Please request details of the next meeting by contacting:

Co-ordinator Community Projects and Social Planning
Richmond Valley Council
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