Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Local Disaster Plan

The Richmond Valley Local Disaster Plan (DISPLAN) has been prepared by the Richmond Valley Local Emergency Management Committee in compliance with the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act, 1989 (as amended), Section 29 (1). 

The DISPLAN covers the whole of the Richmond Valley Local Government Area.  The most common sources of risk which are experienced our community are bush fires, floods and storms. 

The DISPLAN has been drafted with the assistance of combat agencies (NSW Rural Fire Service, SES, NSW Police etc) and Richmond Valley Council.  The DISPLAN covers key actions and processes which have to be followed in the event of an emergency, these being:

  • Roles and responsibilities of combat agencies;
  • Prevention and mitigation in relation to sources of risk;
  • Preparation for an emergency event;
  • Control and coordination during an emergency event;
  • Response arrangements in an emergency event; and
  • Recovery arrangements during and after an emergency event.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the information contained in the DISPLAN, it is not available to the general public. 

Emergency Service Workers Information

For the convenience of volunteers and emergency workers, the below list of links has valuable training resources.

Additional Information

To find out how you can be prepared for storm and bushfires, visit the Storm and Bushfire Season page.

For the information of the community, Richmond Valley Council's procedures in regards to bushfire risk management are outlined in the below document.