Rates & Finance

Rates & Finance

This page contains all you need to arrange requests for changes to rates, water and sewer payments.

Your rates pay for Council services that keep the community running smoothly. The 'Why Do You Pay Rates' document from the Department of Local Government explains how your money is put to work in the community.

To see the kinds of activities paid for by rates by Richmond Valley Council, visit the Council Services and Funding page.

  • To change the bill details of your rates, use the 'Change of Address' or 'Change of Name' forms. Please ensure you check the Change of Name Policy before completing a Change of Name Form.
  • Sometimes payments made by customers are made against the wrong account, for example, rates being paid against water and sewer charges, or water and sewer payments being made against a rates account. To correct the payment, the 'Authority to Transfer Monies' form should be used.
  • Payments to Council can be automated with the use of the direct debit and direct debit cancellation forms.
  • It is recognised that pensioners need additional support in contributing to rates payments. The Pensioner Rate (Previous Year) Rebate Application policy determines the procedure and application of pensioner rebates for years past.   
For any rates and finance forms, download the relevant form from the list below and return to Council via email at council@richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au or fax to (02) 6660 1310 or mail to:

    Richmond Valley Council
    Locked Bag 10
    Casino NSW 2470