Ocean Drive Revegetation

Ocean Drive Revegetation

Following an informal meeting with some residents at Kalimna Park last year, and a request for information relating to revegetation work for the river bank at Ocean Park Drive Evans Head, an updated planting list has been compiled from requests to retain views from Ocean Drive and a need to provide vegetation cover to help with the future stabilisation of the newly constructed riverbank.

Where required for stabilisation purposes, selected species which have the potential to grow higher than eight metres will be located and spaced along the bottom section of the embankment so as to not block river views. Plants include:

  • Acronychia imperforate – Beach Acronychia
  • Cupaniopsis anacardiodes – Tuckeroo
  • Hibiscus tiliaceus - Cottonwood
  • Notelaea longifolia var longifolia – Large Leaved Mock Olive and
  • Pandanus tectorius – Pandanus

The full list of what has been removed and what will be planted can be viewed in the document Ocean Drive Revegetation Plant and Zone Heights, found below this message.

If you wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact Council's Coordinator Project Development and Design Matt Kinkead on 6660 0242 or by email to: matt.kinkead@richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au