Email Subscriptions

Email Subscriptions

Richmond Valley Council would like to keep our community up to date with all of the latest events and activities in the Richmond Valley. Monthly newsletters are sent via email packed full of information on upcoming events, activities, Council services you might not know about, ways you can get involved and much more. 

How to Subscribe
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Community e-Newsletters

Richmond Valley Council would like to help grow strong and inclusive communities through sharing of information. Monthly newsletters will keep you informed of projects, events and services that improve the liveability of locals in the Richmond Valley. Visit the Our Communit-e newsletters page for back copies.

Economy, Events and Tourism Industry e-Newsletters

A robust economy is one that fosters variety of industries through efficiency and innovation. Monthly newsletters will share the latest services from all levels of government focusing on helping business, plus keep you up to date on events in the area and the latest news in tourism. Visit the Our e-Conomy newsletters page for back copies.

Have Your Say e-Newsletters

Richmond Valley Council is eager to put in place decisions and initiatives that are in line with the needs and wants of the community. Monthly newsletters will offer your chance to let us know what you think from development proposals to community facilities, to Council operations and spending decisions.

Developer e-Newsletters

Reflecting the increased desire of the community to improve and make flexible development processes, the Developer e-News is filled with information about changes to planning policy, commonly faced issues and invitations to developer forums. Sent quarterly, this newsletter is targeted to professional and owner-builders, planners and real estate agencies.

How to Subscribe

Anyone, whether they live, work, visit or do business in the Richmond Valley can subscribe to our e-newsletters so long as they have an email address. Unfortunately e-newsletters are not able to be mailed.

Richmond Valley Council values your privacy. We do require some personal information such as your name and email address. Please be assured your details will not be used for any other purpose than for which you agree to. At the bottom of every email sent to you will be an opportunity to unsubscribe from our e-newsletters. You can also contact at any time to unsubscribe. For further information, visit our Privacy page.

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Download Your Community Report

Produced quarterly, the Your Community Report is filled with Council news, including office news, your economy, your opinion, your community, your safety and your services. All residents of the Richmond Valley are mailed the comprehensive newsletter. To download a back copy, click the document in the list below.