Make A Complaint

In Council's Complaints Management Policy, a complaint is defined as:
" expression of dissatisfaction, made in respect to a Council Officer's role and/or Council in the provision of service delivery or lack of service delivery that has allegedly affected an individual, group or body of stakeholders whether justified or not."
What is Not a Complaint
  • A request for service is an action request. Examples are reporting of road potholes, water leaks, dust and noise, overgrown allotments and dog issues. Visit the Request Action page.
  • A request for information or an explanation of a policy or procedure. Visit the Request Information page.
  • Objections to a development application before Council determination. Visit the Make a Submission page.
  • Objections/dissatisfaction in regard to regulatory notices that are challengeable/reviewable via Court or other processes. View Council's policy Enforcement of Unlawful Activity for objection options.

How to Make a Complaint
All complaints are for the attention of the General Manager. To make a complaint, use the following options:

I would like my complaint to be anonymous
Anonymous complaints will not be rejected, however, Council's ability to investigate anonymous complaints will be dependent upon the substance of the information supplied. Due to anonymity, Council will be unable to provide reasons for any decision of actions taken.
Please include the name of any officer you have had dealings with, the date, time and location of events or of correspondence referred to in your complaint. After pressing submit your enquiry will be registered in our records system, ensuring direction to the most appropriate officer for a response within a timely manner.
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