EPA Licence Data

With the introduction of the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requires all holders of environment protection licences to make publicly available pollution monitoring data.

Under Council's care are sewerage treatment plants in Casino, Coraki, Evans Head and Riley's Hill which are tested regularly for pollutants in the sewerage systems. What is tested is mandated by the EPA under requirements specific to each licence.

Richmond Valley Council EPA Licences

The licences for each facility are available for download:

For further information about the requirement of licensee's to publish pollutant monitoring data, visit the EPA website.



Pollution Incidents

Council has a procedure in place for notification of authorities and affected neighbours should an incident occur. For more information, visit the Process for Notification of Pollution Incidents page.

For more detailed information about each treatment plant's pollution incident response management, download the documents listed below each plant from the list at the top of this page.


Pollution Monitoring Results

When a result is recorded that is over the licensee's prescribed limit, an explanation of why the excess occurred is required to complement the data. The documents listed at the end of the page are available for download and contain data since March 2012. Any notes on over-limits are identified in yellow highlighting.
Data Abbreviations:



Total N Total Nitrogen
Total P Total Phosphorous
BOD Bio Oxygen Demand
SS Suspended Solids
UV-254 A test for UV absorption
F Col. Faecol Coliforms
Alum Aluminium
Elec Cond. Electrical Conductivity