Evans River

Evans River

Council conducts a range of activities in caring for the environment in and surrounding Evans Head.

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Evans Head Coastal Zone Management Plan

What is the project?
Richmond Valley Council engaged local consultants, Hydrosphere Consulting, to develop a Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Evans Head Coastline and Evans River Estuary in accordance with the guidelines of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.  The Plan developed targeted coastline and estuary management strategies to address the priority management issues.   These issues included:
  • risks to public safety and built assets;
  • pressures on coastal ecosystems; and
  • managing community uses of the coastal zone.

The plan reviews and update the earlier Evans River Estuary Management Plan completed in 2002 and also incorporate management actions for the coastline and estuary considering predicted future climate change scenarios.   The plan describes proposed actions to be implemented with the aim to deliver the greatest benefit to the community at least cost.

What area does the plan cover?
The coastline area considered by the plan stretches from Shark Bay to immediately south of Salty Creek. The estuarine reaches under consideration start at the mouth of the Evans River at Evans Head, and extend to the upstream extent of Tuckombil Canal (to the weir) and include the surrounding Evans River Catchment.

Document Adopted by Council
The Evans Head Coastal Zone Management Plan was adopted by Council 25 June 2013.