Evans River K-12 School EcoWarriors Landcare Group

The Evans River K-12 School's EcoWarriors were established in 2007. They are a voluntary group of like-minded students whose common interest is making their school and local community aware of environmental issues. They are working towards creating a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable and happier community.


Photo shows the Ecowarriors with their coordinators Lyn Thomson (CLO), Teacher Andrew Grant-Frost and Lani Hancock (RVC) at the first TAngler Bin installation at North Wall Evans Head.

Presently we have students from Year 5 to Year 10 participating. In 2014 the group worked with Richmond Valley Council to install 4 TAngler Bins for fishing waste in popular fishing spots around Evans Head this project was funded by a grant from the NSW Environment Trust.

For more information go to our website: evansriverecowarriors.org   

Contact: Co-Coordinator - Lyn Thomson Community Liaison Officer Evans River K-12 School

Phone: 02 6682 6666 email lynette.thomson8@det.nsw.edu.au