Richmond Valley Koala Habitat Areas

In 1996 the Austalian Koala Foundation (AKF), with financial assistance from Council and the Main Camp Tea Tree company, embarked upon preparation of a koala habitat atlas. Due to forces outside the control of Council this project was delayed and only completed by the AKF in 2008.

The AKF prepared a Habitat Atlas report in 2008 along with digital mapping. This report was presented to Council on 20 October 2009 where the Richmond Valley Koala Habitat Atlas (2008) was adopted. Additionally, there is a future committment to preparing a comprehensive Koala Plan of Management for the Richmond Valley Council area.

In the interim:

  • remnant native vegetation, has been mapped within Richmond Valley LEP 2012 on the Terrestrial Biodiversity Map as an overlay for additional heads of consideration for the assessment of development applications, and
  • Koala habitat identified as Primary Habitat or Secondary Habitat (Classed A, B or C), will be used as a guide for identifying 'Potential Koala Habitat' or 'Core Koala Habitat', for the purposes of State Environmental Planning Policy No 44 - Koala Habitat Protection (SEPP44).

The Koala Habitat Atlas report can be downloaded from this page. A derivative map has been produced from the digital data supplied and also appears on this page.

 The following items are available to download: