Council calls on NSW Govt to look after local greyhound industry

Council calls on NSW Govt to look after local greyhound industry

RICHMOND Valley Council will consider a notice of motion at its meeting on Tuesday which calls on the NSW Government to take into account the impact its greyhound racing ban will have on those in the Richmond Valley community who participate in and rely on the greyhound industry for their livelihood, and who have been operating in line with its codes and standards.

Council will also seek answers to the economic impact the ban will have on the Richmond Valley economy and community, including job losses.

Richmond Valley Mayor Ernie Bennett said the Council would consider ways to support the local greyhound industry members to assist them to prepare for the impact of the ban.

Cr Bennett said while he understood the importance of making sure people were doing the right thing by the animals in their care, he did not believe an outright ban was the answer.

He said some of the local businesses to be affected by the ban included veterinary services, pet food and rural supplies, catering and fast food, fuel  and service stations, to name a few.

“I understand greyhound racing in NSW needed to be cleaned up but is banning necessary?” Cr Bennett said.

“The NSW Government could take control of the industry to clean it up, or if it proceeds with the ban at least provide some form of support for those who have been doing the right thing.”

The Casino Greyhound Racing Club has 62 active members, and there are 100 local trainers in the area running about 1000 greyhounds.

The Casino Greyhound Racing Club holds around 49 TAB-supported meetings a year at Queen Elizabeth Park, each attended by about 145 adults.  Eleven races are held per meeting, and the prizemoney for each race ranges from $1500 to $2300

Recent investment by the Club included the conversion from grass track to an all-weather loam track.

Lismore Greyhound Club members train and race at the Casino track due to the flood damage in Lismore.

For further information, or comments from Mayor Ernie Bennett or General Manager Vaughan Macdonald, please contact Sharon Davidson on 6660 0257 or 0419 401 214.