Council joins business-friendly program

Council joins business-friendly program

Richmond Valley Council has officially joined the NSW Small Business Friendly Councils Program, which sets out a number of programs and benchmarks to further encourage and support small business in the area.

The Small Business Friendly Councils program is a first for Australia, aimed at improving the overall business climate for small businesses in NSW and raising awareness of the big difference local councils can make by better engaging with small business.

By joining the Small Business Friendly Councils program, Council is showing a commitment to work closer and more effectively with local operators.

The program covers five key areas including:

  • Identifying three initiatives to support small business which will be implemented, measured and reported on each year;
  • Implementing an on-time payment policy;
  • Establishing a Business Advisory Board in conjunction with key stakeholders from the local business community;
  • Providing quarterly progress updates on the implementation of Council initiatives and on time payment tracking; and 
  • Publicly promoting the benefits of the Small Business Friendly Council Program.

For further information please contact Sharon Davidson on 0419 401 214.