Coraki Riverfront Improvement

Coraki Riverfront Improvement

In the 2012/2013 financial year, Council has allocated $60,000 in funding to improve the Coraki riverfront.

Using the ideas put forward via a community consultation process in 2005, Council has engaged with the Coraki community to revise a draft plan for improvements.

Members of the community who live, work, do business in or regularly visit the Coraki area were invited to participate in a survey.

The survey closed 5pm, Tuesday 20 November 2012.

The following media release dated 30 May 2013 reveals the outcomes and the works Council have approved.

Coraki riverfront improvements underway

Richmond Valley Council is spending up to $60,000 to kick start the Coraki riverfront improvement project.

Council’s General Manager John Walker said following a riverfront-specific survey of Coraki residents seeking their main priorities, Council allocated funding in the budget for work to start without delay.

Refurbishment is underway on the existing toilet and shelter area and it is proposed over the next two to three months, all planned projects will be completed.

Mr Walker said as outlined in the Community Strategic Plan, Council’s aim was to make the entire Richmond Valley look nice for both the people who lived here and visitors.

He said Council strongly supported civic beautification.

He said having a waterfront was a good place to start.

“Council is in the process of making many recreational improvements to the region’s waterways, including river access points for the public, Mr Walker said.

“Many centres around the region are competing to attract people and businesses.

“The successes seem to be the towns and villages which have figured out what their communities and prospective residents want, such as attractive public spaces, clean streets and tidy and well-signed town entrances.

Works using the allocated $60,000 include:
  • Fenders will be added to the jetty to allow larger boats to moor and lighting will be provided in the area.
  • Existing toilets at the boat ramp and the barbecue and shelter areas will be cleaned and repainted.
  • An additional two sets of tables and seats will be installed around the beach area.
  • The beach will be enlarged and resurfaced with sand.
  • The coral trees along the riverbank and adjacent to the playground areas will be replaced with native species.
Media Release: 30 May 2013