Council manages heritage in accordance with the Heritage Act 1977 and aspects of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Items, areas and places of heritage significance are listed as having either local or State significance. Additional national significance may also exist under commonwealth government legislation.

Items of local significance are identified within a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) for the area in which they are located and are kept on a register by Council.

State significant items are listed by the Office of Environment and Heritage under the Heritage Act. These listings are established by publication of a gazettal notice. Such items may also be identified in an LEP but only those Gazetted as having State significance can be identified as such in the LEP.

Schedule 5 of the Richmond Valley Local Environmental Plan 2012 contains an inventory of 180 items, 5 being of State significance, 9 are archaeological sites and 1 is a conservation area. These items have been mapped within the LEP and are available on the NSW Legislation website.

Heritage Study

A comprehensive community-based heritage study was completed by Council in 2007. This study was used as the basis for preparing the inventory of items listed within the Richmond Valley LEP 2012. The final study report is available on the Heritage Study page.

Heritage Incentives

Council offers a number of heritage incentives to property owners of heritage items. These incentives include:

  • a grants scheme (operated on an annual basis for maintenance of heritage items)
  • free heritage advisory service (advice is provided by a professional on managing/repairing/restoring/adapting heritage items)
  • reduced development application fees (where heritage listing has been the only trigger for needing development consent to alter a heritage item).

These incentives are addressed in greater detail within Chapter I-1 of the Richmond Valley Development Control Plan and Council's Heritage Incentive Policy.

Heritage Advisory

Richmond Valley Council has engaged the services of Ken Young as a heritage advisor. Ken has a great deal of experience providing heritage advisory services to local government.

The role of Council's Heritage Advisor is to:

  • provide input into development applications involving heritage items
  • provide free advice to property owners on the appropriate ways to manage their heritage so as to protect its significance and values
  • guide Council on the distribution of heritage grants to eligible applicants
  • assist Council in developing and implementing a Heritage Strategy for the area.

The Heritage Advisory Service is provided free to all residents and property owners within Richmond Valley Council's area.

Ken usually visits the Council area on the first Tuesday of every second month. Appointments are made by contacting Council on (02) 6660 0300 or email council@richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au. These appointments are best held onsite at the heritage item, but can be conducted at Council's offices or by phone interview.

Upcoming Heritage Advisory dates are as follows (these dates are subject to change and should be confirmed with Council closer to the date):

  • 4 March 2014
  • 6 May 2014
  • 1 July 2014
  • 2 September 2014
  • 4 November 2014

If you are considering heritage improvements to your property, the following links to Heritage Consultancy Directories and Heritage Products and Services Directories may be useful.

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