The NSW Planning Hub provides links to the following services

The NSW Planning Hub provides links to the following services:

  • BASIX (the Building Sustainability Index) -
    A BASIX certificate ensures that new and upgraded homes across the State produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduce water consumption, by setting energy and water reduction targets for all new dwellings.
    A Basix Certificate forms part of the documentation to be submitted when lodging a development application, or an application for a complying development certificate:
    • to building a new home or residential development;
    • to create a new dwelling entitlement on the land (for example a Granny flat);
    • to change the use of an existing building from a non-residential use to a residential use;
    • where the renovations are likely to cost more than $50,000; or
    • to build a swimming pool of more than 40,000 litres.
  • Electronic Housing Code -
    This is a tool to enable users to determine whether their building or renovations can be undertaken as complying development or as exempt development under the NSW Codes Policies (the Codes SEPP).
    The Electronic Housing Code allows you to:
    • investigate your development options for an individual site, including the identification of land based restrictions;
    • generate an exempt and/ or complying development report;
    • prepare your complying development application electronically;
    • select your preferred Certifier from a pre-nominated list;
    • lodge your complying development certificate application electronically;
    • monitor the progress of your application; and
    • view and download your complying development determination.
  • Interactive Buildings
    The Interactive Buildings tool provides access to interactive models of residential, commercial and industrial buildings which allow you to establish what changes you can make to a property without the need for any further planning or building approvals.
    It provides access to the most common building projects such as:
    • internal building alterations
    • fences and walls
    • balconies and decks
    • air conditioning units
    • doors and windows
    • carports and driveways
    • demolition
    • aerials
    • solar energy systems
    • swimming pools
    • skylights
    • sarden sheds and greenhouses
    • signs
  • Local Development Performance Monitoring
    Local Development Performance Monitoring provides comprehensive statistics on a broad range of indicators relevant to development applications and certificates of complying development in NSW
  • Local Insights
    Local Insights provides you with a broad range of information about every suburb in NSW to help you make decisions about moving or investing in a new location.
  • Planning Viewer
    The Planning Viewer allows you to find out what development constraints apply to your land or property. The information is displayed on an easy to use Google map style interface to help you quickly navigate the planning controls that apply to individual land parcels.
    You can also search for properties that are affected by planning controls such as:
    • Heritage buildings
    • Conservation areas
    • Contaminated land
    • Bush fire prone areas
    • Area affected by flooding