Integrated Planning and Reporting

To provide services that meet community needs both currently and into the future, Council has prepared a range of documents that:

  • Provide information on the direction Council is going to take
  • Detail the actions that it will use to progress towards the achievements of that direction
  • Outline Council's capacity to manage its assets and how it will support/resource the proposed services and actions
  • Identify how the achievement of outcomes will be measured    

The cycle of planning and reporting as mandated by the Department of Local Government ensures that Council's plans for the future are reviewed on an annual and four-yearly basis. The cycle begins with the overarching plans for 10 year projections of activities, maintaining plans for assets and infrastructure in the long term. Then, each end of Council term (4 years) sets another stage in the planning and reviewing cycle and is complemented by annual reviews and reports. In addition, Richmond Valley Council has elected to maintain a quarterly reporting cycle, to stop-check Council's activities every three months, more regularly than the 6 month cycle mandated by the Department of Local Government.

Documents produced in each of the planning cycles are available by visiting the term pages below.