Senior Management

Senior Management

In 2012 Richmond Valley Council began a process of organisational restructure, in order to focus better on newer priorities around issues such as:

  • the economic and social health of the local government area
  • the creation, crafting and executions of community strategic plans
  • long term financial planning and sustainability
  • communications
  • transparent government
  • marketing and promotions
  • asset management
  • and the performance of Council's business.

Council's new structure sees the General Manager responsible for economic development and communications; while two arms of local government: Corporate and Community and Infrastructure and Environment are under the care of Executive Managers.
Senior Management

General Manager Evans Head Office Attendance

To facilitate improved communications with ratepayers and residents of Evans Head, Woodburn and Broadwater, the Council's General Manager John Walker is in attendance at the Evans Head Office on the first Wednesday of each month between 9am and 12 noon.

Appointments can be made by phoning Julie Clark (02) 6660 0231 or by contacting the Evans Head Office.